Last January, the assembly and installation of various Advanced Medical Posts (AMP) were carried out in different parts of the city of Barcelona. These posts are intended to support the multitude of PCR tests and vaccinations that CATSALUT will have to carry out to the population in the coming months. These medical posts are made up of tents in aluminum pstructural profile, with double canvas to create an air chamber for optimal isolation and fully equipped, with a high-resistance Finnish panel floor and raised 8 cm from the floor with a metal structure in beams of steel as a base. In addition, it is fully air-conditioned with the latest generation INVERTER equipment with remote control and technical service and WITHOUT AIR RECIRCULATION to renew the indoor air about 70 times per hour and thus avoid the possible spread of the virus. Also the AMP tents s are fully equipped in terms of furniture and material. The assembly and start-up of these turnkey AMP at CAP SANLLEHY, CAP MARAGALL, CAP RAMÓN TURRO, etc., was carried out within a period of 5 days.


En el pasado mes de Enero se ejecutaron el montaje e instalación de diversos Puestos Médico Avanzados (PMA) en diferentes puntos de la ciudad de Barcelona.
Estos puestos tienen como objetivo dar soporte a la multitud de pruebas PCR y vacunaciones que durante los proximos meses El CATSALUT deberá hacer a la población.
Estos puesto medicos estan compuestos por carpas en perifilería de Aluminio, con doble lona para crear una camara de aire para un optimo aislamiento y completamente equipadas, con suelo en panel finlandes de alta resistencia y sobreelevado 8 cm del suelo con una estructura metalica en vigas de acero como base. Además, esta completamente climatizado con equipos INVERTER de ultima generación con control y servicio técnico remoto y SIN RECIRCULACIÓN DE AIRE para renovar el aire interior cerca de 70 veces por hora y evitar así la posible propagación del virus. También las PMA están completamente equipadas en términos de mobiliario y material.
El montaje y puesta en marcha de estos puestos llave en mano en CAP SANLLEHY, CAP MARAGALL, CAP RAMÓN TURRO, etc, se realizo en un plazo de 5 días.


MANDRADE CONSULTS collaborates intensively with the national HEALTH system to provide all the necessary help to combat COVID 19. We thank the Miguel Servet Hospital for all its dedication in these difficult times and we remain at your disposal for whatever you need. We also appreciate the thank you letter that we have received from you and we are happy that MANDRADE has been able to be part of that much needed help.


First Field Hospital for the treatment of “COVID19-Coronavirus” installed in Zaragoza (Spain) by the company MANDRADE CONSULTS with capacity for 105 beds, fully equipped and autonomous. Equipped with 105 individual 3m x 2m cabins for each patient with articulated beds, electrical outlets, individual LED lighting with switch, locker and internet connection (WIFI). Multi-zone air conditioning (hot and cold) with automatic temperature regulation, hygienic services (WC-Showers-Sinks) and vinyl coating for hospitals floors for better disinfection and cleaning. Supplied with top quality furniture (tables, chairs, litter bins, etc.) for the nursing area as well as 2 disinfection areas for staff. There are also 3 storage areas for materials and consumables. Record assembly time = 4 days.



The Last month of January we supplied 2 complete autonomous bakery lines to the MOROCCAN ARMY. These lines are able to provide up to 3.600 pieces of bread per hour of 240Gr with only 2 operators. This is the second order of our client in 2 years.

With a production of 3,600 pieces / hour this production chain which includes the division, the forming, the fermentation, the shaping and the automatic deposit on tray as well as final fermentation and cooking. 

They are necessary only 2 people and that will intervene just to hang the bowl of the kneader to the elevator and at the exit of the shaping machine to deposit the dough pieces on the silicone trays.

The Last month of June and during the Multinational NATO Exercises "SABER STRIKE", MANDRADE CONSULTS installed a complete Turn Key Military Camp in Lithuania for 145 People, included several Civil Works to adapt the ground to Heavy duty vehicles and Containers.

Saber Strike is a long-standing U.S. Army Europe-led cooperative training exercise designed to improve joint interoperability through a range of missions that prepare the 13 participating nations to support multinational contingency operations. The exercise - taking place  in multiple locations throughout Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania - serves as an effective proving ground for units to validate their ability to assemble rapid-reaction forces and deploy them on short notice where needed.
Saber Strike 16 features allied and partner-nation ground forces conducting live-fire, command post, and cyber/electronic warfare training, plus the integration of U.S. close-air support with multinational ground forces. Leading up to the exercise, the 2nd Cavalry Regiment will demonstrate U.S. land forces' dynamic presence throughout the region, exhibiting freedom of movement during a 2,200-kilometer tactical road march, called Dragoon Ride II, from Germany to Estonia.
Participating nations this year include Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, as well as Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, the United Kingdom and the United States.


The last month of May MANDRADE CONSULTS presented his proposal of FIELD KITCHEN ON TRUCK to the MINISTRY of DEFENCE of MOROCCO. This Field kitchen truck consists of a kitchen equipment, furniture and infrastructure for 800-1000 people.

The unit is totally autonomous and mounted on a MERCEDES ACTROS truck or be adapted to the truck model chosen by the customer. Kitchen system 100% electric. The kitchen is manufactured according to HACCP hygiene standards.

The truck is equipped with a hook to tow a trailer generator. Kitchen truck is developed with industrial high quality elements in stainless steel, characterized by its quick start-up, without tools or specific training. It allows the use in height with stairs with platform for self-service.

The staff and food access by the side door - right rear with stairs. It is possible also the possibility to include several optional equipment and adapt the system according to the customer needs.

This kitchen allows: distribution of dishes person by person or by delivering hot meals on site while respecting the rules of hygiene and safety.

  From June 1st up to July3rd and during the Multinational NATO Exercises "WHITE SWORD", MANDRADE CONSULTS installed a complete Turn Key Military Camp into the Lithuanian Military Base of RUKLA Lithuania for 350 People.

The main armies of the Atlantic Alliance were present in these exercises .Participating nations this year include Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, as well as Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, the United Kingdom and the United States.


We were requested for an installation of a Field Camp for 350 soldiers equipped with Laundry facilities, Showers and Toilets, Dining and Cafeteria area and fully autonomous (Electricity and Water). The solution was a camp with 3 units of 10m x 45m tents for lodging, 1 unit of 10m x 40m tent for Ablution services and 1 unit of 10m x 20m for dining and Laundry areas.


The electrical autonomy were complete and composed by 2 gensets in parallel that supplied lighting for each tent, 3 available sockets for soldier  and energy for the laundry and cafeteria areas.

Maintenance and daily refuse collection service were included in the contract as well as a security fenced perimeter of the Camp.


The last 7th of August MANDRADE CONSULTS received from the DANISH ARMY and from particulary the Captain T.V. Paasch, COMMANDING OFFICER of the 2 NSE, this LETTER OF APPRETIATION in gratitude for the support received  during the International Exercises "WHITE SWORD".

MANDRADE CONSULTS was in charge of the mounting of 2 turn key Military camps for these exercises in Lithuania.